So Delicious...


The Best Fudging Brownies Ever...

We have a wide range of frozen tray bakes including our best fudging brownies ever, tray cakes, flapjacks and shortcakes. All of these are gluten-free with a growing range of vegan.  

The beauty of these traybakes is that they don't have any edge or corner pieces. They are cut on an ultrasonic cutter, meaning the pieces are all uniform size. 

...sorry, there won't be any wasted pieces for your team to munch on! 

What Makes Us Great...

Palm Oil Promise ...

We at The Bake Shed are committed to sourcing physical sustainable palm oil.  We have worked with our suppliers to ensure that where palm oil is present in our products, it will be from sustainable sources.

Our Bestselling Tray Bakes

Belgian Choc Brownie

The Best Fudging Brownie Ever!

Luxury Caramel Shortcake

How Naughty are You Feeling?

Dark Choc Brownie (Vegan)

Plant Based Beauty!

How to cut and store your tray bakes

Our Founder Will, gives you the rundown of the best way to use your Bake Shed tray bake products!

POS and Merch Available

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