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Hey! I am The Brownie Man, known to my friends as, Will. In a nutshell, I LOVE FOOD! Especially desserts. A warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce is a bit of me. That is my go to dessert whenever I am entertaining ; )

I launched The Bake Shed in 2012 when I was 21 after 4 months of trial and error to perfect my chocolate brownie recipe. I am not going to lie, I had only ever baked those cheating, boxed brownies you find in the supermarket before that. Don’t worry, I now accept the error in my ways!! I was eating brownies in lots of coffee shops around Cardiff and the UK and thought too many of them were dry and tasteless. This is where my brownie mission began.

I started supplying local coffee shops from my mother and father’s kitchen. My father would never come into the kitchen whilst I was baking because he would constantly get in the way. He would simply lock himself in his office and play solitaire until the coast was clear. My mother loved it really, however, because I was adding boxes, fridges and other bakery bits into the house slowly I don’t think she really noticed that I had taken over her whole kitchen and dining room. It’s like when someone you’re living with is getting fat over a 6-month period but you don’t notice as its very gradual. After about 16 months, to both my mother and father’s great relief and happiness, I outgrew the family kitchen so started renting a premises. My mother threw a celebration party, to which, I was not invited…

Over the coming years I grew my product list, very selfishly, with products that I liked the taste of! Many of my customers were requesting gluten-free products so I launched a range that were delicious. Now, our whole range is gluten-free!!

I organically grew our customer base to the point where we have a network of UK wholesalers supplying our traybakes as well as our newly launched individually wrapped lines. In 2019 we started supplying to the USA. I spent a significant amount of time in the USA driving across the states in massive pickup trucks and tasting the local produce. The ONE thing I cannot get on board with in the USA is the fact they do not serve ‘baked beans’ on their breakfast plates. I did not realise how much I needed baked beans on my breakfast until I was faced with many perplexed waiting staff confused as to why I want beans with my bacon, egg and hash browns.

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As an individual, I love and care for the planet we live on. I am an environmentally conscious person and want this to be reflected throughout my business. We use as much recyclable cardboard as possible and we have a delicious plant-based range as well. We are currently growing our team as a business, everyone that gets involved in The Bake Shed has a similar philosophy so we are all aligned on this aspect when it comes to major decision making.

My favourite part of running my business is interacting with potential as well as current customers. Trying to get them as excited and enthusiastic about these brownies as I am is a thoroughly enjoyable task!

If you would like to know more, the best way to get a hold of me is through email. Say hey… website@thebakeshed.com

Love you, bye.

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