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The Best Fudging Brownies Ever! 

Meet The Brownie Man

The Brownie Man, known to my friends as, Will.

I started creating recipes from my mum and dad’s kitchen with a mission to create The Best Fudging Brownie’s Ever. Word of a good recipe spreads so I started baking for local coffee shops and delis around Cardiff, UK. Once there was too much chocolate and cocoa powder everywhere, it was time to move on to building a bakery!
Many of our customers were starting to request gluten free so I decided to create a fully GF product range, still delivering the fantastic flavour but that can be eaten by all. The business has grown and we now have a network of customers across the UK and USA enjoying our creations! I am a massive foodie so will continue to create innovative and delicious products for everyone to enjoy!

The Best Fudging Brownies Ever!

Why The Bake Shed?

The Brownie Man grew up in a family that was very passionate and caring about food. His love for finding the best flavour combinations inspires him to create the most delicious new products.

Creations looking amazing as well as tasting amazing is at his core!



What Makes Us Different?

Naturally Gluten

All products are gluten free.
Unlock your gluten freedom! 

Growing Range of Plant Based Perfection

Growing range of delicious plant based products without compromise on flavour or texture.


All-Natural ingredients are used to create our award winning brownies and bakes.

Need Some Dessert Inspiration?

The Brownie Man has created a variety of indulgent desserts over the years, click here to enjoy some of these recipes...

Whether you're a restaurant chef or home cook these recipes are simple to make but sure to impress! #ElevateThePlate

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