Hi, I’m Will Rhys-Davies but all of my customers know me as ‘The Brownie Man’ because the first product I introduced them to was my bad-ass chocolate brownie. Once tasted, never forgotten!


I’ve always had a passion for baking and after I graduated from university in May 2011 I set up The Bake Shed with a mission to create the perfect chocolate brownie.

I started experimenting with recipes in my Mum and Dad’s kitchen until I reckoned I’d cracked it. I roped in family and friends for a taste test and they loved it.

That gave me the confidence to trek around the coffee shops and cafés in Cardiff, giving out samples and getting feedback. Most of the people who tried it loved it and wanted to have it available for their customers.

I continued to bake and fulfil orders from the family kitchen. We even had a visit from Environmental Health and got a full 5* rating, which was testimony to my commitment to hitting the highest standards.

As time went by I recognised gaps in the market so started producing a range of Gluten Free and Vegan products.

I recruited a small and talented team who shared my passion for baking and for seeing people fall in love with what they’re eating. They not only help on the production side but also judge new products before we take them to market. We always make sure products are the best they can be before releasing them!


If you’d like to try us out in your coffee shop, or maybe you’ve got an outlet where you believe Bake Shed products would kick-ass, give me a call on 07817 296192 or email me at I’d love to hear from you.